PS4 Joystick stopped working on Catalina

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PS4 Joystick stopped working on Catalina

Postby cjaw » Tue Dec 29, 2020 7:32 am

Hey, has anyone had issues using the Joystick mapper on Mac OS Catalina? My controller Lite shows the computer is responding, and also my bluetooth connects. When I go in the mapper to map keys, they show a response and the Joystick mapper can tell what my controller is, however when I turn on my preset I get nothing with the Joystick. Any ideas?

*UPDATE: I figured it out. The issue was somehow my Accessibility check (In System preferences: security & privacy) for the Joytsick Mapper was stuck checked off, unable to be rechecked. I had to delete and reload it in order to check and uncheck the box. Even though it was already checked, my MAC wasn't allowing it, or at least that's what appears to have been the issue. If anyone else has the issue I can explain more thoroughly.
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