Quimat Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder Board Support

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Quimat Zero Delay Arcade USB Encoder Board Support

Postby pixeled » Sun Sep 20, 2020 3:49 pm

I’m curious if Joystick Mapper supports this very popular DIY kit:


here's the relevant USB Info

Low Speed device @ 24 (0x00132200): ............................................. Composite device: "Generic USB Joystick "
Port Information: 0x2018
Number Of Endpoints (includes EP0):
Total Endpoints for Configuration 1 (current): 3
Device Descriptor
Descriptor Version Number: 0x0100
Device Class: 0 (Composite)
Device Subclass: 0
Device Protocol: 0
Device MaxPacketSize: 8
Device VendorID/ProductID: 0x0079/0x0006 (unknown vendor)
Device Version Number: 0x0107
Number of Configurations: 1
Manufacturer String: 1 "DragonRise Inc. "
Product String: 2 "Generic USB Joystick "
Serial Number String: 0 (none)
Configuration Descriptor (current config)
Length (and contents): 41
Number of Interfaces: 1
Configuration Value: 1
Attributes: 0x80 (bus-powered)
MaxPower: 500 ma
Interface #0 - HID
Alternate Setting 0
Number of Endpoints 2
Interface Class: 3 (HID)
Interface Subclass; 0
Interface Protocol: 0
HID Descriptor
Endpoint 0x81 - Interrupt Input
Endpoint 0x01 - Interrupt Output
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