Bug with a4#/B7 on PS4 controller in Diablo 3

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Bug with a4#/B7 on PS4 controller in Diablo 3

Postby ersigh » Sun Nov 13, 2016 4:57 am

Not a biggie since I found a work around but figured I'd mention it in case anyone else runs into this.

I created a preset for Diablo 3. I set the secondary action (mouse right click) to the bottom trigger button allowing the software to set the button (a4#) but whenever I used it it would get stuck on and my character just runs and complains at me. There is no way to make it stop except to exit the game and then go back in. I decided to try remapping this specific action to a different button (b4) and the issue no longer happens. I then remapped the primary action (mouse left click) to a4# just out of curiosity and the same thing happens where it acts like I'm holding the button down.

I decided to try manually setting the button to B7 rather than the auto-allocated nomenclature of a4# and that sorted the issue out. Once the bug is active I can switch over to change the mapping and go back into the game and hit the button and the character will stop.
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