Axis 0 moves Axis 2 Simultaneously

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Axis 0 moves Axis 2 Simultaneously

Postby ekstasis » Sat Jun 06, 2015 4:49 pm

Hiya --

Steelseries 3GC, 2009 Mac Pro, Yosemite

This controller has 2 sticks. On the left stick if I go left or right (Axis 0), Axis 2 also responds. So the left stick is supposed to strafe left/right (A, D) but when I do this I also look up and down.

My JM preset is not to blame AFAIK -- there's no overlap in bindings. Joystick Show confirms exactly that movement is happening on both axes.

The same is true of my right stick: up/down (Axis 2) also moves Axis 4 (but 4 is not bound so it's not a problem).

Any ideas?? Thanks!
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