Guild Wars 2 PS3 Controller

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Guild Wars 2 PS3 Controller

Postby shrimpChip » Sat Apr 18, 2015 5:16 pm

So I have made a workable but not great guild wars 2 for PS3 Controller.

Now the program does not support multiple keys at once, IE left trigger to activate 6-0 but it can be done as long as your setup your keyboard config to match what I have set in this config.

The other thing that is not great but again workable is the mouse movement for looking around. It's not perfect but I think works good enough. The only thing is if you move the mouse with the joystick too slowly the mouse movement is not recognized, I think it's set at 50% (hard coded if I am right), so if you want to move the mouse you have to do it all or nothing sort of speak.

Enjoy guys!
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