Bioshock (Feral port) Preset for PS3 Controller

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Bioshock (Feral port) Preset for PS3 Controller

Postby jdburns » Wed Sep 17, 2014 8:32 am

This works swimmingly (see what I did there?) on my Macbook (2.4GHz, 256MB Video Ram on Nvidia GT9600M, 4GB RAM). I've read in several forums that all Feral Ports, including Bioshock, provide native support (I know Borderlands does, because I'm playing it right now), but my copy of Bioshock forces a choice between keyboard and XBox controller only.

It's a little different from the natively supported XBox controller layout due to limitations in Joystick Mapper (e.g., there's no way to differentiate between a "click" and a "hold/long press" when mapping) and just general bad luck (there are dedicated triggers for both weapon and Eve attacks on the XBox controller, but the PC version uses a single mouse button for both), but it includes nearly all keyboard commands (missing only "Hint", "Walk", and a few other minor functions which require a keyboard) and makes, I think, intuitive sense.

If I think of ways to improve this after a bit of playing time, I'll post a revision. Have fun with the supercreepiness, kids.
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